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Advantages of colored contact lenses

Color Enhancing Lenses Look Great

Advantages of colored contact lenses

Change something small about your appearance, such as getting a haircut or stepping out in a brand new outfit, and chances are no-one will notice. But wear a pair of color enhancing contact lenses and you can't fail to get people’s attention. Your friends and co-workers may struggle to place exactly what’s changed but they'll know that you look amazing.

That’s because color-enhancing contact lenses intensify the natural color of your eyes. The trend for dramatic, brightly-colored contact lenses is dying out. Instead, today's image-conscious men and women are choosing the more refined look of color enhancing lenses.

Color-enhancing lenses bring definition to the outer edge of the iris and increase light reflection on the eye. Rather than blocking out your natural color, these lenses mimic the iris’s natural patterning and intensify it.

Color Enhancing Lenses Can Correct Your Eyesight

Most color enhancing lenses are available in both plano and corrective styles. Corrective color enhancing lenses can treat most common refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia. Recently, color enhancing lenses that can treat mild to moderate astigmatism have also hit the market.

Even when buying plano lenses, you must have an up to date prescription from a recent contact lens exam. During the exam your eye doctor will determine the power of the correction you need (which may be zero). Then your eye doctor will measure the precise size and shape of your eye. Your eye care professional will fit your chosen lenses to ensure they remain comfortable throughout the day.

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